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Registration number formats, typically alphanumeric, are designed to provide enough unique numbers for all motor vehicles a jurisdiction expects to register. 1ABC234, and several other populous states use seven-character ABC-1234 or AB-12345 formats. Non-passenger vehicle plates tend to have a separate design, including a special numbering format. In the United States, many states distinguish their license plates through distinctive color schemes and logos, which persist over time. Other states and provinces, such as California, offer simpler schemes, often with a white background and little decoration. Most plates in Washington, D.

Virginia, for example, does the former for passenger cars and the latter for most non-passenger vehicles. However, it is increasingly common in the U. Wyoming normally issues flat plates but also issues embossed license plates for an extra fee. License plates originally were not embossed, but were merely flat plates in various forms, typically rectangular. Historically, license plates were replaced every year, although the most common practice now is to issue new validation stickers every year or two, to indicate that the vehicle registration is still valid.

Expired vehicle registrations may attract the attention of law enforcement, because indicators of an expired plate, such as an old or invalid sticker, give officers probable cause to lawfully initiate a traffic stop. In jurisdictions that use validation stickers on the plate, the month and year of expiration may be separated into two decals, or issued in a single sticker. The color of plate stickers and windshield decals often change annually, to support enforcement of registration laws. District of Columbia use windshield stickers exclusively, rather than plate stickers, for most vehicle classes.

Their registration stickers include the month and year of expiration in large type, so that an expired registration windshield sticker is obvious. In 2015, Texas eliminated the requirement to display a windshield vehicle inspection decal with the registration. September 2006, and in August 2010, eliminated registration stickers completely, primarily to reduce costs. November 2000 expiration dates, but has not required them on passenger cars since October 1, 2004. New Jersey passenger vehicles do not display any registration information other than the license plate itself.