Antony was appointed administrator 40k traitor legions pdf download free Italy while Caesar eliminated political opponents in Greece, North Africa, and Spain. 42 BC, and divided the government of the Republic between themselves.

Relations among the triumvirs were strained as the various members sought greater political power. Despite this marriage, Antony carried on a love affair with Cleopatra, who bore him three children, further straining Antony’s relations with Octavian. 36 BC, and in 33 BC disagreements between Antony and Octavian caused a split between the remaining Triumvirs. Octavian’s direction, declared war on Cleopatra and proclaimed Antony a traitor. With Antony dead, Octavian became the undisputed master of the Roman world. Antony’s father was incompetent and corrupt, and was only given power because he was incapable of using or abusing it effectively. 71 BC without making any significant progress.

Lentulus, despite exploiting his political success for financial gain, was constantly in debt due to the extravagance of his lifestyle. 63 BC for his involvement. His death resulted in a feud between the Antonia and the famous orator. Antony’s early life was characterized by a lack of proper parental guidance. Rome with his brothers and friends gambling, drinking, and becoming involved in scandalous love affairs. By age twenty, Antony had amassed an enormous debt. This appointment marks the beginning of his military career.

With the rebellion defeated by 56 BC, Gabinius restored Hyrcanus to his position as High Priest in Judea. 58 BC, forcing him to seek asylum in Rome. During Pompey’s conquests years earlier, Ptolemy had received the support of Pompey, who named him an ally of Rome. Gabinius’ invasion sought to restore Ptolemy to his throne.

Antony who convinced Gabinius to finally act. After defeating the frontier forces of the Egyptian kingdom, Gabinius’s army proceeded to attack the palace guards but they surrendered before a battle commenced. Alexandria to ensure Ptolemy’s authority. In return for its support, Rome exercised considerable power over the kingdom’s affairs, particularly control of the kingdom’s revenues and crop yields. 14-year-old daughter of Ptolemy XII.