PMP a exam practice free pdf simulator and CAPM exam simulator with 6 PMP practice exams and 6 CAPM practice exams each. Each exam consists of realistic, unique and challenging question designed to simulate the format and difficulty level of the real exams. Detailed and crisp answer explanations backed by authoritative reference sources instill confidence in our students and make our exams highly reliable and trustworthy.

Detailed answer explanation and reference links are included for each question to help reinforce concepts. Mark questions for review and revisit them later using the Review Grid. Jump to any question straight from the grid. Unanswered Mode shows all the unanswered questions while the exam is in progress. It simulates a similar feature on the real exam.

Save an in-progress exam session and resume anytime later from same or different device. Exam is saved automatically every 2 minutes so that your effort is not wasted if the session gets terminated abruptly. Guide chapters to help identify weak areas. Exam History shows the list of all the exams taken in the past, along with their results and scores. Clicking on an exam opens it for review.

Email exam report or the entire exam history with one click. We are constantly listening to feedback from our students and improving our content. Every comment is reviewed by our team of experts. How many exams and sample questions are available in the sample exam set?