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737-700 used primarily as a charter aircraft, but also as a backup plane and for pilot training. Europe in 1997 and the success of its low-cost business model. London into Europe’s largest carrier. Ryanair now has over 11,000 people working for the company, most of whom are employed and contracted by multiple agencies to fly on Ryanair aircraft, or, as is the case for pilots, the vast majority are either agency employed or self-employed and their services are contracted to Ryanair.

After the rapidly growing airline went public in 1997, the money raised was used to expand the airline into a pan-European carrier. 339 million over the same period. With two routes and two planes, the fledgling airline carried 82,000 passengers in one year. 1987 this provided a connection with the Luton Ryanair service onward to Amsterdam and Brussels.