It served the company in one form or another for eighteen years, until the 1988 model year. The AMC Hornet served as an experimental platform for alternative fuel and other amc 10 2014 solutions pdf technologies. Hornets were campaigned in various motorsports events with some corporate support. The Hornet name plate goes back to the mid-1950s.

The automaker retained rights to the name while it was dormant from 1958 to 1969. The Hornet was an all-new design sharing no major body components, but utilizing some of the Rambler American’s chassis and drivetrain. An all-new front suspension with anti-brake dive was developed for AMC’s large-sized “senior” 1970 models, and instead of developing lighter components for the new compact-size platform, the same parts were incorporated into the Hornet. The Hornet marked the return of AMC to its original role as a “niche” marketer specializing in small cars. It also became one of AMCs best sellers.

1,994 for the base model, the Hornet was an economical small family car. Sportabout” was added to the 1971 lineup. Hornet’s body and a truncated rear section with a window hatchback. The Levi’s trim package was popular and was available for several years. It is notable for being one of the first American cars to offer an upscale fashion “designer” trim level.