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Learn more and apply online! The FRN is an exclusive network of nursing faculty leaders and subject matter experts. AACN is pleased to announce the results of its 2018 election to fill seats on the AACN Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. In this week’s News Watch, read  Washington Weekly,  view the CCNE Call for Award Nominations, check out The Social Pulse, and more. President Trump delivered his first formal  State of the Union address  on January 30 before a joint session of Congress.

Celebrating our members’ success in 2017 through collaboration, leadership, and advocacy. Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, linked here, provides the best access to cases from 1990 forward. However, the most-recent volume in that collection always is several years behind the current term. In the volumes of U. Reports up to mid-1883, the date on which a given case was decided was not printed in the report of the case. 1 and continuing at least to 544 U.

Search a database of actions by the court as described in its regular Monday order lists, beginning with the first order list issued in October 1998 and continuing through the most recent order list issued by the court. These are difficult to read because TEXTS ARE ALL UPPERCASE. These cases are listed in chronological order. Bankruptcy appellate panels exist in about half of the circuits. This is a search interface.

Text searching also is possible. The search results include links to later case reports in which the targeted case is cited. In many instances, links also are provided, within the case report being examined, to reports of cases that are cited in it. PDF copies of the original printed volumes.

There is a text-search function. This covers decisions issued from May 1994 forward. Summaries of opinions in cases decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, from 2004 forward. PDF file provided by the Supreme Court. This web page enables searching for cases and orders by party names as well as by keywords in texts. The database covers cases and orders from district courts throughout the United States, in the period from January 1, 2004, to the current date, as well as a few cases from preceding years back to 2000. This link retrieves a PDF version published by the House of Representatives as H.

It contains an index and includes the texts of proposed amendments not ratified. Bill of Rights and the other amendments, as well as the Declaration of Independence. This web site presents the text in several ways. This is a collection of regularly updated PDF files, one for each article and each amendment. The analysis is reasonably current. Also available are an index and a table of cited cases.

Constitution Annotated together with biennial supplements. During the course of our history, in addition to the 27 amendments that have been ratified by the required three-fourths of the States, six other amendments have been submitted to the States but have not been ratified by them. Beginning with the proposed Eighteenth Amendment, Congress has customarily included a provision requiring ratification within seven years from the time of the submission to the States. States must act is a political question to be determined by the Congress.

Including state constitutional provisions, state statutes, and municipal ordinances. Includes amendments through the 27th Amendment and is reproduced from a now-defunct page at a web site formerly maintained by the U. The legislation collection is updated the morning after a session adjourns. An enacted bill or joint resolution appears on the Congress. That number becomes a link, on Congress. A drop-down list serves as a Congress-to-years conversion chart.