International Emmy for Best Children’s and youth program. As they are suddenly thrust into a comic book world of danger, fear and uncertainty, the twins learn the Dark Oracle has a at the dark end of the street book pdf agenda that threatens their very existence. Violet and Blaze, who possess the uncanny ability to manipulate their future. With events in the comic book world influencing ones in their own world, Cally and Lance struggle to stay one step ahead of their dark counterparts, or face a very unpleasant fate.

The stakes become higher still, with Violet and Blaze trying to escape into the real world to wreak further havoc. Dizzy, Lance and Cally’s long-time childhood friend and Danielle Miller as Sage, who sparks Lance’s interest. Dizzy and Sage learned about the comic and are going to have their own experiences with it. Lance, Cally’s twin brother, prefers video games and comics to real people. Unlike his sister, he is very shy and tends to keep to himself.

When he finds himself drawn into the comic world and meets Sage, this self-proclaimed oddball starts to come out of his shell. Lance, pretty and prides herself on being level-headed. She’s also the last person who would believe in a comic book that could warp you into new worlds. When she finds herself surrounded by the supernatural, she’s faced with believing that anything can happen. Dizzy is Lance’s best friend, and like Lance he shares a passion for gaming and comics. It’s no question that high school poses challenges for Dizzy, especially with his crush on Cally. After a while Lance and Cally decide to tell him about the comic book.

Sage works at Gamers Cave Comic Book Store and becomes Lance’s girlfriend. She doesn’t notice the supernatural events around her, although at one point she and Dizzy are told by Lance and Cally all about the comic book. She and Lance break up in many episodes due to the comic’s influence. Vern has often tried to get her from Lance, but never succeeds.