Where can you find a GRE word list that’ll help you prep for the tough GRE vocabulary list that you’ll find in the Verbal answer choices on test day? Don’t know which GRE barron’s 1100 words you need to know pdf list to choose from the massive number that exist on the internet? Are you dreading committing yourself to one GRE vocabulary list only to find out it is not the right one?

To allay any such anxiety, I aim to provide an overview of the most popular GRE word lists out there. I will also discuss how to and how not to use a GRE vocab list. But first, it behooves me to give you real opinion of word lists for the GRE, for they’re not the Holy Grail of a good vocabulary. All right, all right, you came here to find out about some word lists, so here are my reviews. The words found on this list are high-frequency GRE words. Remember this does not mean that if you study all 900 words you will know every word that will show up test day.

But this is a good beginning. The good news is that quizlet already has this set of flashcards ready to go. If you don’t know already, quizlet. Better yet, each word list comes with a ready-made quiz.