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Lisa’s obsessive behavior, and suspects an affair. 20 million, and filmed in the summer of 2008. Lisa and Sharon were dressed in contrasting styles to reinforce their conflicting characters. Others noted that the potential theme of interracial conflict between the Charles family, who are black, and Lisa, who is white, was unexplored. Derek did not yield to Lisa’s seduction.

August 4, 2009, in the US and has sold 1. Derek was flirting with her, attempts to seduce him throughout the film. Derek repeatedly rejects her, but Lisa continues to pursue him, making sexual advances on him at the Christmas party. At one point, she follows him to his car and attempts to seduce him with revealing lingerie and fishnet stockings, but Derek refuses again and forces her out of his car.

Thinking that Lisa has given up, Derek is annoyed when he receives flirtatious emails from her. Incapacitated, Derek is helpless when Lisa follows him into his hotel room. After repeated attempts to reach Derek on his phone, Sharon finds Derek at the hospital and suspects that he and Lisa had an affair, as Lisa claims. Derek’s fidelity to Sharon as well, but soon becomes skeptical of Lisa’s claims, due to inconsistencies in her story. Sharon, refusing to believe Derek, kicks him out of their house, and he moves into a separate apartment. Months later, Derek and Sharon meet up for dinner and finally reconcile. Derek goes to his car with the intent to pursue Lisa, only to find the baby is safely sitting in the back seat.

He and Sharon immediately take Kyle to the hospital for a check-up. When Derek and Sharon return home from the hospital, they find Lisa has trashed their bedroom and removed Sharon’s face from their family portrait. Sharon leaves a threatening voice message on Lisa’s phone, and she and Derek set up a home alarm system. Lisa learns that Derek and Sharon will be going away from town for a few days, with Sharon leaving one afternoon and Derek the next day.