An artist’s rendition of a shoggoth. It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train—a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter. The definitive descriptions of shoggoths come from the call of cthulhu 5th edition pdf-quoted story.

They are “protoplasmic”, lacking any default body shape and instead being able to form limbs and organs at will. Being amorphous, shoggoths can take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within aquatic environments. Cthulhu Mythos media most commonly portray shoggoths as intelligent to some degree, but as dealing with problems using their great size and strength. Shoggoths were initially used to build the cities of their masters. The Elder Things succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but exterminating the shoggoths was not an option as the Elder Things were dependent on them for labor. Shoggoths also developed the ability to survive on land, while the Elder Things retreated to the oceans.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Mythos stories, often as servitors or captives to powerful cults and entities. This is actually one of the Cthulhu mythos-esque Great Ones in the game, similar to the Great Old Ones in Lovecraft’s mythos. Shoggoths appear in the penultimate and final novels of Edward M. Shoggoth with a shapeless body, countless eyes and tentacles.

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