However, metals and their alloys have played a predominant role as structural biomaterials in reconstructive surgery, especially orthopedics, with more recent uses in non-osseous tissues, such as blood vessels. With the successful routine use of a large variety of metal implants clinically, issues associated with long-term maintenance cast iron cookware id pdf implant integrity have also emerged. This review focuses on metallic implant biomaterials, identifying and discussing critical issues in their clinical applications, including the systemic toxicity of released metal ions due to corrosion, fatigue failure of structural components due to repeated loading, and wearing of joint replacements due to movement. Finally, the most critical challenges for metallic implant biomaterials are summarized, with emphasis on the most promising approaches and strategies.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Portable Induction Cookers: are they all crap? Hi, I’m looking for a portable induction cooktop to stirfry and simmer outside on my verandah. I’m looking for a portable induction cooktop to stirfry and simmer outside on my verandah.

They say you get what you pay for in a cheap one, but that’s all I can seem to find. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Can anyone recommend me one? And the people who like doing that complain they can’t get the pan hot enough. I get better results for that than I do with a gas cook top set to the lowest slowest setting on the smallest burner.

Not sure about the portable ones. Gas works best for them though. Ask me again in a few weeks. But I read you can get tools to help with this eg sit the wok on top of a flat pan or get a flat bottom wok but neither are as good as a gas flame going around the curve. I don’t use it much.

I use an electric frypan outside, can you do the same? But steel with enamel coating often works eg lecrueset and those camping plates. In fact have been known to use an enamel plate as a regular plate warmer. You could not get better than an induction cooker single or multiple stovetop for fast cooking, excellent instant simmering and quietness in using.

Mine came from Crazy Sales and has lasted and worked for years now. They come up on special from time to time. No different than the cook top ones a single portable does the same job. One could not find a better device for simmering foods. Plus the quick time it does so. Not all and it is surprising that most decent SS pans having as you say ferrous steel embedded in its base. LOL Get some decent pans that do work on it.

Most do so check as advised with a magnet. Cheap fridge or travel magnets also work. LOL I use the magnetic sticker from the doctor’s surgery. A portable induction cooker gives far more control than an electric fry pan and is 10 times quicker to heat up.