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The site works perfectly without it. Customize this page as you want and bookmark the URL. These releases are too outdated. Marmaduke shares his builds compiled with all codecs! So I rewrote a new internal engine for this site. The site structure has changed.

Now, the full site is automatically updated each hour. The full site is now based on the Git revision’s commit hash. Chrome 58 Beta: IndexedDB 2. Get the latest Chromium Releases – Easy Peasy!

A tale of two Browsers: Chrome v. We share freely our work for pleasure without require using of ads and user tracking methods. Google API key is undefined in this build. So Google services like Sync, Hotword, Translate, Now, Hangout do not work. You will not be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data. Chromium will not be able to use the Web Real-Time Communication API. This is the 64-bit version!

The name of this archive is “chrome-win32. You can take your bookmarks, extensions, themes and plugins with you. This portable version will leave no personal information behind on the machine you run it on. Nothing is written to the Windows registry. So, take care when you update it! To install it, double click on Chromium_OSX. Then drag its icon on Applications folder.

You may then “Eject” and throw away this disk image. Feedback appreciated – if demand will update once a month. Unzip it on your computer. Double click on the unzipped folder to open it. Drag its icon on Applications folder. Available in the official repository.