This article is about the musical group. In it, an elementary school elementary band warm up pdf watch a puppet show about an ill-mannered boy named Mr. The short film was a very straight-laced attempt to teach children good behavior, concluding that “a Mr. Bungle wouldn’t have many friends.

In various interviews, the band members noted that one reason they chose the Mr. Bungle moniker was because they identified with the Mr. This was due to the intense feelings of isolation they experienced while growing up in Eureka, given that the rest of the community bullied them and treated them as outsiders. This was especially true of Trey Spruance, who noted that the treatment he received was what motivated him to pursue music. And, uh, I became kinda fanatical about them. And I was living in, uhhh, a redneck town.

And so I wore that to school with a couple of friends, and we got beat up so bad, you know, stuffed into garbage cans. I think it was, I think it was at the bottom of the ba— garbage can, with my face, like, in the garbage, when I realized I, I had to be a musician. Cause I was gonna, I was gonna get those people back somehow. Cause environmental terrorism is effective in some things, but it’s not so effective on others. And being a serial killer doesn’t really do anybody any good. So, my choice ended up being music. Bungle emerged after its members were kicked out their respective bands.

It was kinda like a merger between two bands,” Mike Patton recalled. Trevor and me came from. Trevor Dunn noted that, “After about a year we got tired of playing speed metal and wanted to do something a little more creative. Then we added a two-piece horn section and a new drummer, so now we don’t really have any kind of limit on the music we play. When I was 15, I was in a death metal group,” Spruance reminisced. We had this idea that we were going to play a bunch of ska tunes for a bunch of metalheads.