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How to Install MySQL 5. This article is applicable to MySQL 5. There are some non-compatible changes in MySQL 5. This practical can be completed in a 3-hour session. Relational Database Model in 1970. Boyce at IBM in the early 1970s. Oracle, subsequently, took it to a new height.

However, most of the database vendors have their own directs, e. A column has a data type. SQL provides an easy and intuitive way to interact with relational databases. Select columns name and gpa from table class101. Select ALL columns from table class101.

Select columns name and gpa, where the rows meet the criteria. Strings are enclosed in single quotes. Use AND, OR, NOT to combine simple conditions. Delete ALL rows from the table class101!

Beware that there is NO UNDO! Delete rows that meet the criteria. 1001, ‘Tan Ah Teck’, 4. List value of all columns. Beware that there is No UNDO! MySQL was developed by Michael “Monty” Widenius and David Axmark in 1995. Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2010.