1893 and, in practice, for many years before. Americans primarily use customary units in commercial activities, as well as for personal and social use. In science, medicine, many sectors of industry and some of government and equivalent measures customary units pdf, metric units are used. American independence, and which had its roots in Roman and Anglo-Saxon units.

The customary system was championed by the U. International Institute for Preserving and Perfecting Weights and Measures in the late 19th century. Advocates of the customary system saw the French Revolutionary, or metric, system as atheistic. An auxiliary of the Institute in Ohio published a poem with wording such as “down with every ‘metric’ scheme” and “A perfect inch, a perfect pint”. One adherent of the customary system called it “a just weight and a just measure, which alone are acceptable to the Lord. This is most evident in U.

SI units are almost always presented alongside customary units. The metric system also lacks a parallel to the foot. Other nations had, or still have unofficially, customary units of their own, sometimes very similar in name and measure to U. Frequently, however, these units designate quite different sizes. Historically, a wide range of non-SI units were used in the U. Britain, but many have fallen into disuse. This article deals only with the units commonly used or officially defined in the U.