27th in the country in terms of Oxbridge admissions as of 2007. Elyanore House, fe exam prep book pdf well as playing fields in Lexden.

The school has specialisms in science and languages. The school has consistently achieved high results, coming first in the A-level league tables every year since the 2006 results. I tend to see the results as the by-product of an ethos where we encourage students to aim high in all that they do and approach challenges with confidence. 1999 invited the then headmaster of CRGS, Stewart Francis, among other heads of the country’s top schools, to a meeting to discuss the improvement of education in Britain. The school’s ‘value added’ score is higher than the national average. Between 1994 and 2004 the Greek government funded teaching of the subject, in an effort to halt its decline in the United Kingdom state sector. This was the result of a pupil-led campaign following a decision by the governors to cease teaching the subject following financial difficulties caused by becoming a grant maintained school.

The school was also the first in the country to teach Classical Civilisation at A Level, as the subject was drawn up at CRGS, indeed “arose from a conversation between Arthur Brown Head of Classics, and the Headmaster one afternoon in 1970. The four forms are given the initials of 7C, 7R, 7G and 7S. At the end of the year, when pupils are asked to choose between Greek and German as a language, the groups of pupils are changed around. This changing around of forms continues until year 10, when students are placed in permanent forms for their GCSE courses, unless an express wish of a student, his parents or a teacher cause a particular student to be moved forms.