Walter Lewin May 16, 2011 talk at MIT. MIT’s physics faculty for 43 years beginning in 1966 until his retirement in 2009. Lewin’s contributions in astrophysics include the for the love of physics walter lewin pdf discovery of a rotating neutron star through all-sky balloon surveys and research in X-ray detection in investigations through satellites and observatories. In December 2014, MIT revoked Lewin’s Professor Emeritus title after an MIT investigation determined that Lewin had violated university policy by sexually harassing an online student in an online MITx course he taught in fall 2013.

To protect the family, Lewin’s father simply left one day without telling anyone, leaving his mother to raise the children. Physics in 1968 and to full Professor in 1974. Through the late seventies, there were about twenty successful balloon flights. These balloon surveys led to the discovery of five new X-ray sources, whose spectra were very different from the X-ray sources discovered during rocket observations. The X-ray flux of these sources were variable. 4 whose X-ray flux appeared to be periodic with a period of about 2. This was the first discovery of a slowly rotating neutron star.