It initially focused on Dr. Steed then became gale encyclopedia of medicine vol 3 pdf main character, partnered by a succession of assistants.

The series ran from 1961 until 1969, screening as one-hour episodes for its entire run. The final episode, “Bizarre”, aired on 21 April 1969 in the United States, and on 21 May 1969 in London, England. Patrick Macnee returning as John Steed, and two new partners. Geoffrey Brent, from September through to December 1960. Peggy by a drug ring. A stranger named John Steed, who was investigating the ring, appeared and together they set out to avenge her death in the first two episodes.

Steed afterward asked Keel to partner him, as needed, to solve crimes. Hendry was considered the star of the new series, receiving top billing over Macnee, and Steed did not appear in two episodes. Steed’s importance increased, and he carried the final episode solo. While Steed and Keel used wit while discussing crimes and dangers, the series also depicted the interplay—and often tension—between Keel’s idealism and Steed’s professionalism. Keel and Lucy Briggs-Owen as Carol Wilson. Production of the first series was cut short by a strike. By the time production could begin on the second series, Hendry had quit to pursue a film career.