Ganesh ji ki aarti pdf had declared that Barbarika’s devotees would be blessed just by pronouncing his name from the bottom of their hearts. Barbarika donates his head to Krishna. His mother and relatives used to call him by this name before the name Shyam was given by Krishna. As per the legend related above.

Upon his mother’s advise, Barbarika resolved to support whoever has less power and is losing. Hence he is known by this name. These arrows were sufficient to destroy the whole world. One who never hesitates to give his devotees whatever they need and ask for. Being the name of his blue-coloured horse. One who rules Khatu and the whole universe. As per Krishna he will be the God who will save good people in the era of Kalyug.

After the Mahābhārata battle, Barbarika’s head was drowned in the river named Rupawati by Lord Krishna giving lots of blessings. Then, on one occasion, milk started flowing spontaneously out of a cow’s udder when she neared the burial spot. Amazed at this incident, the local villagers dug the place up and the buried head was revealed. Roopsingh Chauhan, king of Khatu, then had a dream where he was inspired to build a temple and install the head therein. There is another, only slightly different version of this legend. Roopsingh Chauhan was the ruler of Khatu.

His wife, Narmada Kanwar, once had a dream in which the deity instructed her to take his image out of the earth. Sure enough, it yielded the idol, which was duly enshrined in the temple. The original temple was built in 1027 AD by Roopsingh Chauhan, after his wife Narmada Kanwar, saw dream about the buried idol. The place where the idol was dug out from is called Shyam Kund. The idol is made of rare stone.

Khatushyam is the family deity of a large number of families. His another temple is located at Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat where people are coming with their newly born child to have blessings of Khatushyam. Here he is known as Baliya Dev. The temple is architecturally rich. Lime mortar, marble and tiles have been used in constructing the structure.