Changes must be gm live data reading pdf before being displayed on this page. November 2013 none were on the market. GM food needs to be tested on a case-by-case basis before introduction.

Nonetheless, members of the public are much less likely than scientists to perceive GM foods as safe. The legal and regulatory status of GM foods varies by country, with some nations banning or restricting them, and others permitting them with widely differing degrees of regulation. USDA defines genetic modification to include “genetic engineering or other more traditional methods. The technology is often called ‘modern biotechnology’ or ‘gene technology’, sometimes also ‘recombinant DNA technology’ or ‘genetic engineering’. Foods produced from or using GM organisms are often referred to as GM foods. DNA and genes within food. The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1983, using an antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant.

China was the first country to commercialize a transgenic crop in 1993 with the introduction of virus-resistant tobacco. Potato was approved for cultivation, making it the first pesticide producing crop to be approved in the US. 2000, scientists had genetically modified food to increase its nutrient value for the first time. By 2010, 29 countries had planted commercialized biotech crops and a further 31 countries had granted regulatory approval for transgenic crops to be imported.