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User Guide For iOS 8. To find out which features are supported in your area, see www. Note: Apps and services that send or receive data over a cellular network may incur additional fees. Cellular models is used for your cellular data connection. If your SIM card isn’t installed or if you change carriers, you may need to install or replace the SIM card.

The more bars, the stronger the connection. See Connect to Wi-Fi on page 15. Set up your own Wi-Fi network. View the guide in a different language: Tap Change Language at the bottom of the home page. Start at home Tap an app to open it.

Press the Home button anytime to return to the Home screen. Swipe left or right to see other screens. Or double-tap a photo or webpage to zoom in, then double-tap again to zoom out. In Maps, double-tap to zoom in, then tap once with two fingers to zoom out. An app extension may appear as a sharing option, action option, a widget in Notification Center, a file provider, or a custom keyboard. Cloud using the same Apple ID. Organize with folders Create a folder.

While arranging apps, drag one app onto another. Tap the name of the folder to rename it. Drag apps to add or remove them. Press the Home button when you finish. You can have multiple pages of apps in a folder. Brightness, then drag the slider.

You can also adjust the brightness in Control Center. Accept a correction by entering a space or punctuation, or by tapping return. Set options for typing or add keyboards. You can cut, copy, or paste over selected text. You may need to tap to see all the options. Keyboards, select a keyboard, then choose a layout. Touch and hold , then: Use a split keyboard: Slide your finger to Split, then release.

You may see suggestions for movie showtimes, nearby locations, and more. Drag down the middle of any Home screen to reveal the search field. Tap an item in the list to open it. To change the search order, touch and drag to a new position. Spotlight Search, then tap Spotlight Suggestions to deselect it. Turn off Location Services for Spotlight Suggestions.

Note: This feature works with text and email messages, calendar invitations, and more. Swipe the alert from right to left. Turn on Do Not Disturb. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center, then tap . Transfers are encrypted for security. Create an Apple ID for a child.

Family, scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Create an Apple ID for a child. Accept an invitation to Family Sharing. Pad with your device, refer to the documentation that came with your device. The Personal Hotspot icon appears in the status bar of iOS devices using Personal Hotspot. Apple Pay, tap an existing credit or debit card, then scroll to the bottom and tap Remove. Important safety information on page 150.