Citadel Cookbook is my attempt to provide a basic painting guide using the Citadel how to paint citadel miniatures space marines pdf system. Across Citadel painting guides, videos, White Dwarfs, and a dozen other sources there are thousands of “recipes” for painting specific materials using Citadel paints step-by-step.

This blog is where I display information on my personal Iron Hands army project, Clan Khorvaak and my Stormcast Eternal force, the Emerald Canticle. I go on for others to benefit from my mistakes and ideas. Shadowclaimer Live Miniature Painting is over on Facebook! I have been painting since ’88 so I am especially familiar with a lot of the changes in Citadel paints over the years. I am totally up for any suggestions, materials, recipes, anything to look into.

Those are best applied as glazes, and the new glaze paints work great for that! I’ll have to write it down and make a recipe and give it a shot myself. Its not too often I get to paint glass. Would be great with some different versions of painting wood as well! Will definitely look into it.