FLUKE 705 INSTRUCTION SHEET Pdf Download. View and How to print two to a sheet on pdf Fluke 705 instruction sheet online. 705 Multimeter pdf manual download.

1998-2003 Fluke Corporation, All rights reserved. Instruction Sheet Introduction The Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator is a source and measurement tool for 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA current loop testing and a measurement tool for dc voltage from 0 to 28 V. The calibrator does not source and measure simultaneously. Warning To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury: Never apply more than 30 V between any two terminals, or between any terminal and earth ground. Inspect the test leads for damaged insulation or exposed metal. Replace damaged test leads before you use the meter. Pushbutton Functions Button Function Press to select source, simulate, or measure modes.

Press while turning on the calibrator to select loop power. The Loop symbol appears in the display. The symbol appears in the display. Sourcing mA Use source mode whenever you need to supply current into a passive circuit.