Rubell and Schrager on charges of tax evasion. In 1984, Fleischman sold the club, which continued to operate until 1986. Gallo hudson theater seating chart pdf met with a succession of failed attempts to draw an audience, and was lost to foreclosure after only two years. It later reopened under new ownership as The New Yorker, but continued failing to attract sufficient crowds.

May 1940, following which the building remained vacant for three years. 52 was unrelated to the street on which it was located. During these years, CBS used the theater for radio broadcasts. When CBS began marketing the building in 1976, various parties in the art and fashion world expressed interest in seeing it converted into a nightclub.

Jack Dushey as a financial backer. They operated the company as Broadway Catering Corp. 400,000 before its grand opening on April 26. Rubell and Schrager hired Scott Bromley as architect, Ron Doud as interior designer and Brian Thompson as lighting designer. TV lighting circuits and fly system, which allowed for a dynamic, constantly-changing, environment. Where formerly all clubs had been very dark, at Studio 54 the crowd could be lit brightly. Studio 54 for selling liquor without a license, and closed it.

The owners of the nightclub said the incident was a “misunderstanding”. The next night the club reopened, serving fruit juice and soda instead of liquor. Prior to the raid, the nightclub had been using daily “caterers’ permits”, which enabled the nightclub to serve alcohol but were intended for weddings or political events. The State had denied the daily permit for the night and raided the nightclub.