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We are pumped to get the Ion firing more effectively. As long as I can get to work on some design we should be able to turn it out this coming weekend! Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. With our last build resulting in a gun that could be muzzle loaded to fire single shots, Brian was confident that we could attain semi-auto firing over the course of the coming weekend.

The main problems and parts that needed to be addressed to get to that point were correcting the cycling issues in the bolt, rigging a sort of makeshift trigger system to fire the gun, and feeding paintballs into the system. The issue that had to be solved first was the issue of cycling. After our second build, we found that the bolt was not being forced forward by the firing pressure when the control pressure was released. To fire the gun, we had to assist the bolt by pushing on the back of it with something. We expected that the primary cause of this problematic friction was the surface finish of our internal parts. This appeared to be an easy fix after some fine grit sanding on the lathe. Another way that we helped the movement of the bolt was by deepening the o-ring grooves to relieve a little pressure on the bolt.