Please kaplan step 2 ck notes pdf this error screen to 193. What is your method of approaching UW questions? Neeraj sent it to me today. If you like his notes for USMLE Step 2 CK and CS, you will find useful and this one.

Neeraj’s notes are free for download and you can find them on the download page of USMLEMD. How I download USMLE step 3 at Neeraj’s Notes . HI,please email me your notes for USMLE step 3. I don’t have notes for USMLE step 3 yet.

If you want to donwload Neeraj’s notes you look up in this post and you will see the link. Thanks,Dokidok,I alredy dowload the notes. If you know something else let me know. Do you need any other medical sources, PDF books, tests? Do you need an advice?

Hi,I sorry you misunderstood ,I mean if you know any others useful notes for study or other information despite Kaplan. Step3: I don’t know yet, but I heard that USMLEWORLD Q-bank is very extensively used for the preparation. Do you have any other questions? Go to rapidshare link, than click free user, wait for 30 seconds and download.