Hesiod “grow” out of primordial entities after the physical universe had been established. Aristotle sought out the karl rahner the content of faith pdf of “physis” to prove that there was more than one definition of “physis”, and more than one way to interpret nature.

A unique feature about Aristotle’s definition of “physis” was his relationship between art and nature. The critical distinction between art and nature concerns their different efficient causes: nature is its own source of motion, whereas techne always requires a source of motion outside itself. What Aristotle was trying to bring to light, was that art does not contain within itself its form or source of motion. Consider the process of an acorn becoming an oak tree.

This is a natural process that has its own driving force behind it. Its meaning varies throughout Paul’s writings. Paul asks “Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace for him? In the next verse he writes, “by grace you have been saved. Theologians of the early Christian period differed in the usage of this term. Christ conceived as a concrete set of characteristics or attributes.