She made her first on-screen appearance on 31 August 2001. In April 2011, it was announced that Shaw had quit her role of Eve and she departed on 2 August 2011. Davison said “Imagine how I felt when I won a part in kissing by anthony farrington pdf favourite soap.

Eve is a strong-willed girl and is a part I can really get my teeth into. A show spokesman said Davison and Winward were launched together to show viewers that they have strong teenage storylines for their teenage following. Davison made her debut screen appearance as Eve on 31 August 2001. She remained a series regular until her departure in 2002. Davison was seen again on the show in October 2006, when Edna attended Eve’s wedding to James Jenson. In January 2010, it was announced that Eve would be returning to the show after a nearly four-year absence with a new actress in the role.

The decision to cast Shaw was announced on 29 January. Shaw signed a year-long contract and debuted on 2 April 2010. Suzanne Shaw has described Eve as “feisty and very flirtatious. She’s been left with a lot of debt in France and she turns up in the Dales because she has nowhere else to go – she knows that Edna’s a real soft touch and wouldn’t leave her own family at the front door. Eve does lie to start with because she doesn’t want anyone to know why she’s actually there – she doesn’t want to let everyone know that she’s failed again. Edna finds out the truth, though, and demands to know why she lied. Because she’s going through a break-up, she deals with it by flirting with the men of the village.

She finds it easier to get on with guys than girls – she’s quite sarcastic and to-the-point. Discussing the audition proses Shaw said “I got asked before Christmas to audition for the part of Eve. I was asked to do a screen test, but it got snowed off because of all the bad weather over Christmas. I didn’t hear anything for ages and I thought it wasn’t going to happen, and then just a few weeks before I started filming they offered me the part.