American automobile manufactured by Lone Star Motor Truck and Tractor Corp. This page was last edited on 24 December 2017, at 00:32. Sheriff Sam Deeds is the lone star the story of texas pdf sheriff in Frontera, Texas.

He was born and raised in Frontera, and returned two years ago to be sheriff. Sam’s late father had been the legendary Sheriff Buddy Deeds, who is remembered as fair and just. Sam had problems with his father and the pair routinely fought. As a teenager, Sam had been in love with Mercedes’s daughter Pilar, but the courtship was strongly opposed by Buddy and Mercedes. After a chance meeting, Sam and the widowed Pilar, now a local teacher, slowly resume their relationship. Colonel Delmore Payne has recently arrived in town as the commander of the local U. Delmore is the son of Otis “Big O” Payne, a local nightclub owner and leading figure in the area’s African-American community.

The two are estranged because of Otis’s serial infidelity and abandonment of Delmore’s mother when Delmore was a child. Relic hunters discover a human skeleton on an old shooting range along with a Masonic ring, a Rio County sheriff’s badge, and a bullet not used by the military. Sam brings in Texas Ranger Ben Wetzel to help with the case. Wetzel tells Sam that forensics identify the skeleton as that of Charlie Wade, the corrupt sheriff who preceded Buddy.

10,000 in county funds, after which Buddy became sheriff. Sam investigates the events leading up to Wade’s murder. He learns that Wade terrorized the local African-American and Mexican communities, including numerous murders where he asks his innocent victims to dig out any weapon they might have, to then justify shooting them for “resisting arrest”. Wade used this method to murder Cruz’s husband, Eladio, in front of Deputy Hollis. Wesley claims to have forgotten. Bunny and searches through his father’s things, where he discovers love letters from Buddy’s mistress. Sam confronts Hollis and Otis about Wade’s murder.

Wade extorted money from a young Otis for running an illegal gambling operation in the bar, then was about to use his “resisting arrest” setup to kill Otis. Buddy arrived just as Hollis shot Wade to prevent Otis’s murder. Hollis reveals that Buddy and Mercedes did not take up until some time later. Sam decides to drop the issue, saying it will remain an unsolved mystery. Hollis voices concern that, when the skeleton is revealed to be Wade, people will assume Buddy killed him to take his job, to which Sam states that Buddy’s legend can handle it. Sam learns that Hollis and Mercedes have recruited his own deputy to run against him in the next election.