Each of the colorful citizens of a close-knit North Carolina community—from a once-wealthy tobacco heiress to the city’s mayor to a local police officer—will search for ways to reinvent themselves, their relationships and the very heart of their neighborhood. Durham empty on a weekend visit several years earlier. Everything that occurs in the film feels shallow somehow, and it’s a shame because Main Street had all of the basic elements main street sinclair lewis pdf would have made it truly, a great film.

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Viene sepolto nel cimitero Greenwood, Minnesota. Lewis e da Emma Kermott, in giovane età cominciò a leggere libri e iniziò a tenere un diario. Michael Lewis, che in seguito divenne attore. Il testo selezionato deve essere comprovato da una fonte affidabile. Modifica la pagina per aggiungere fonti. Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana, 15 marzo 2011.

Questa pagina è stata modificata per l’ultima volta l’8 nov 2016 alle 18:22. 1926 that presents aspects of the religious activity of America in fundamentalist and evangelistic circles and the attitudes of the 1920s public toward it. The novel’s protagonist, the Reverend Dr. After various forays into evangelism, he becomes a successful Methodist minister despite his hypocrisy and serial sexual indiscretions. Sunday School” meetings on Wednesdays. He first worked with William L.

Lewis preferred the liberal Birkhead to the conservative Stidger, and on his second visit to Kansas City, Lewis chose Birkhead as his guide. Other Kansas City ministers Lewis interviewed included Burris Jenkins, Earl Blackman, I. The legal profession does not suit the unethical Gantry. After several years as a travelling salesman of farm equipment, he becomes manager for Sharon Falconer, an itinerant evangelist. Gantry becomes her lover, but loses both her and his position when she is killed in a fire at her new tabernacle. During his career, Gantry contributes to the downfall, physical injury, and even death of key people around him, including a sincere minister, Frank Shallard, who is plagued by doubt.

Schorer also says that, while researching the book, Lewis attended two or three church services every Sunday while in Kansas City, and that: “He took advantage of every possible tangential experience in the religious community. The result is a novel that satirically represents the religious activity of America in evangelistic circles and the attitudes of the 1920s toward it. One cleric suggested that Lewis should be imprisoned for five years, and there were also threats of physical violence against the author. 1927, according to “Publisher’s Weekly”. The New American People”, in which he largely based his observations of American culture on Lewis’ novels. There have been five adaptations of the novel. 7 August 1928 at the Playhouse Theatre, where it ran for 48 performances.

Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein premiered in the James K. Banned in Boston”: selected sources. John Tyler Blake, “Sinclair Lewis’s Kansas City Laboratory: The Genesis of Elmer Gantry”. Pawley: Broadway’s Elmer Gantry, Radio’s Steve Wilson, and Hollywood’s Perennial Bad Guy”, Outskirts Press, 2006. Sinclair Lewis at 100: Papers Presented at a Centennial Conference. George Killough, “Elmer Gantry, Chaucer’s Pardoner, and the Limits of Serious Words”.