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Choose from our comprehensive selection of free configuration management resources. Select from our wide range of free outsourcing resources. This checklist details the five stages of the project management process. This checklist enables you to produce a well-researched feasibility study that allows senior management, stakeholders and the project sponsor to give their approval. This checklist explains the purpose of the business case and the essential sections and their recommended contents that must be included.

This template enables you to accurately record all the necessary details in one document to formally announce the existence and commencement of a project. This checklist is designed to help you collate the high level content for each area of your project management plan. This checklist ensures that you create an effective well defined and presented scope management plan following the five key processes that define scope management. This checklist describes how to create your SOW document and ensure that you provide sufficient detail to gain the agreement of all the necessary parties. This checklist is designed to ensure that you capture a complete and accurate review of the project, its successes, failures, weaknesses and issues encountered.

This template enables you to document all the attributes associated with each project activity as an aid to your planning and scheduling. This template enables you evaluate who needs to involved in your project and identify your key stakeholders. This template enables you to identify and document the assumptions that have been made as part of your project plan and which phase it affects. This template is designed so that it can be used as a guide when writing a business case to ensure that your project is presented in a persuasive and coherent manner. This template allows a project manager to control, manage and monitor change requests that occur throughout the life of a project. This template provides you with a quick and easy form that enables you to track and record all proposed changes that occur during your project. This template helps you to produce a project communications management plan.

This template helps you to produce a project configuration management plan. This template helps you to produce a project cost management plan. This template enables you to monitor and control the costings of your project. It has been designed so that the necessary data is quickly visible to any stakeholder. This template is designed to enable you to keep a log of the issues that a project faces and to record the likely impact that each issue could have on the overall success of the project.