Laura says men in black screenplay pdf were looking for something called the Light of Zartha. J finds that little is known about the Light of Zartha, except that it is immensely powerful. As he investigates the crime, every lead points to his mentor, Agent K—who was neuralyzed when he retired, and remembers nothing of his MiB service.

J convinces him by proving that all of his fellow postal workers are aliens. K regains his memories, but remembers that years before, he neuralyzed himself specifically to erase what he knew of the Light of Zartha, and those memories have not returned. As a precaution, he left himself a series of clues. At the pizzeria, they find a locker key. K as their deity, guard their most sacred relics: K’s wristwatch and video store membership card. After hiding the Light, K neuralyzed himself to ensure that he would never reveal its hiding place. Zartha soon, or both Earth and Zartha will be destroyed.

At the worms’ apartment, they find that Laura has been kidnapped by Serleena, who believes that Laura’s bracelet is the Light. J, K, and the worms counterattack Men in Black headquarters, freeing Laura and the other agents. Laura’s bracelet leads J and K to the roof of a skyscraper where a ship stands ready to transport the Light back to Zartha. At last, they realize why it rains whenever Laura is sad: she is the daughter of Laurana, and is herself the Light. K convinces J and Laura that she must go to Zartha, to save both her planet and Earth from destruction. Serleena, who has assimilated Jeff and taken his form, attempts to snatch the ship carrying Laura as it lifts off, but J and K blast her out of the sky.

J, have relocated the tiny locker-dwelling aliens who worship him to his Men in Black locker. When J suggests showing the miniature creatures that their universe is bigger than a locker, K shows J that the human universe is itself a locker within an immense alien train station. Serleena, but withdrew from the project one day into filming due to an illness in her family. Will as the straight man.

And until Tommy comes back into the movie, by definition Will’s the straight man. Fanaro condensed the first part of the film and brought Agent K in earlier. Principal photography began on June 11, 2001 and ended on September 23, 2001. Other scenes incorporating views of the twin towers likewise had to be edited, or reshot. For some of the scenes with the Serleena creature, the sound crew “took tree branches, put them inside a rubber membrane and pushed that around and added some water. For the special effects scene where the subway train is attacked by Jeff the Worm, a specially designed vise was used to crush a subway car and make it look as if it had been bitten in half.