In April 2009, the ASP. Some of these integrated features are master pages and membership-based authentication. Mvc 5 tutorial c# pdf MVC framework is defined in the System.

Guthrie wrote that “Doing so will enable a more open development model where everyone in the community will be able to engage and provide feedback on code checkins, bug-fixes, new feature development, and build and test the products on a daily basis using the most up-to-date version of the source code and tests. NET Web Forms was not included in this initiative for various reasons. The view engines used in the ASP. Both view engines are part of the MVC 3 framework.

However, different view engines can be used. Additionally, rather than the default ASP. The MVCContrib library contains 8 alternate view engines. Spark is a view engine for the ASP. NET Web API and ASP. NET and Web Tools 2012. An implementation of the Django Template Language on the .