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New books are clearly identified. I find something while traveling! OUT OF STOCK- widely avalaible from Amazon, etc, so get a copy there. Every collector NEEDS THIS BOOK! Whatever Wilson’s personal shortcomings, his books are interesting and loaded with great photos of great guns. This one will make you wish you were rich enough to buy a bunch of them.

Previously owned in excellent condition with minor wrinkling on the dustjacket. This is an amazing book! Robert Mainhardt, the brains behind MBA and Gyrojet. Initially they were in the research nuclear reactor business, drawing on Mainhardt’s work with the WW2 Manhattan Project. After leaving that business, they stumbled across a Pentagon request for some new weaponry for use in Vietnam, with a vague concept for some sort of miniature rockets. Seizing the opportunity, the miniature rocketry designs they came up with were unprecedented, and although military contracts were seldom forthcoming, they evolved into proposals for hand held weapons, massive salvo weapons to saturate a large area and other innovative schemes.

This superbly researched book, which will stand as the definitive history of this hitherto little known field, tells the complete story. All Gyrojets, Finjets, Lancejets, Javettes, and flares up to and including 40mm are shown at actual size, as are . 38-caliber and 12-gauge less-lethal rounds. The book covers every known Gyrojet rocket ever made, from 2. 8mm up to 55mm, plus the 0. This almost reads like a science fiction work with surprising challenges and unexpected innovations to meet them. Not only the rockets and ordnance items themselves, but the methods of manufacture, and some of the business decisions necessary for a profit oriented company.

This alone makes it a thought provoking read for anyone with an interest in technology or manufacturing or weapons. Journal editor and running the largest Cartridge show in the country. Also, his background as an aeronautical engineer, and Navy and corporate pilot enable him to understand and explain many of the technical issues involved. I have only a few copies of this book, and I highly recommend it. This is an important and useful study covering the wide range of handguns made in Spain for domestic and especially foreign sales, including many purchased for use during WW1 by various countries.

Edwards pioneering 1962 study, 444 pages with many excellent illustrations. Confederate longarms and handguns, both made in the U. Superbly researched, and even after 50 years it remains the best single volume on the subject. Used VG-fine with minor flaws on the dustjacket.

In addition to being a great reference book, this was once in the personal library of one of the most important people in modern military weapons collecting, the late COL. He was quite the character, starting as a teenager collecting military artifacts during WW1 and opening a great exhibit at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier. During WW2 he was placed in charge of the U. Army Ordnance Corps weapons technical intelligence gathering program scooping up the latest captured enemy equipment and bringing it to the U. From this he was the driving force behind creation of the U. Army Ordnance Corps Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland which was overflowing with their massive panopoly of U.

GO read about him, even if you don’t want to buy the book. But, if you don’t have a copy you really ought to get one. Hicks’ definitive study all French military arms from handguns to howitzers, superbly illustrated with Andre Jandot’s detailed drawings. A most valuable reference on the topic, there being only one other, a multi volume set, written in French and extremely expensive. This will suffice for all but the most ardent Frogophile. 281 pp 6″ x 9″. Used, excellent, bright clean copy with good dustjacket.

This printed in the American Machinist and intended to familiarize people with the DETAILED process involved in making M1903 Springfield rifles. Each part is shown with detailed dimensioned drawings of the jigs, fixtures and tooling used to manufacture the parts, as well as outlining every step performed on the part. It also includes INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS AND SPECIFICATIONS GOVERNING THE MANUFACTURE AND INSPECTION OF THE UNITED STATES RIFLE, CALIBER . The major part of this book was published by Colvin and Viall in 1916, but is extremely scarce and pricey if you can even find one.