Foreign sales have considerably higher prices. Laser seekers are now nystrom atlas of united states history pdf fitted to some JDAMs.

From 1998 to November 2016, Boeing completed over 300,000 JDAM guidance kits, and is now building them at a rate of over 130 kits per day. Several proposals were considered, including a radical concept that used GPS. At the time, there were few GPS satellites and the idea of using satellite navigation for real-time weapon guidance was untested and controversial. USAF 46th Test Wing demonstrate the feasibility of a GPS weapon within one year.

Five more tests were run in various weather conditions, altitudes, and ranges. The first JDAM kits were delivered in 1997, with operational testing conducted in 1998 and 1999. In addition to controlled parameter drops, the testing and evaluation of the JDAM also included “operationally representative tests” consisting of drops through clouds, rain and snow with no decrease in accuracy from clear-weather tests. In addition, there have been tests involving multiple weapon drops with each weapon being individually targeted. 650 JDAMs during Allied Force. US Air Force pursued enhancements to the kits such as improved GPS accuracy as well as a precision seeker for terminal guidance for use against moving targets. JDAM bombs are inexpensive compared to alternatives such as cruise missiles.