The illusion is so convincing that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner appears to grow opening a gravity form pdf as html shrink. Ames’ original design also contained a groove that was positioned such that a ball in it appears to roll uphill, against gravity. Ames room, making the water in a creek appear to flow uphill. For Gregory, this observation raises particularly interesting questions about how different principles for understanding the world compete in our perception.

The “anti-gravity effect” is a much stronger paradox than the “size change” effect, because it seems to negate the law of gravity which is a very fundamental feature of the world. It seems counter-intuitive that the expectation “rooms are rectangular” can override such a fundamental experience. A type of selective perceptual distortion known as the Honi phenomenon causes some married persons to perceive less size distortion of the spouse than a stranger in an Ames room. The effect was related to the strength of love, liking, and trust of the spouse being viewed. Women who were high positive in this area perceived strangers as being more distorted than their partners.

Size judgements by men did not seem to be influenced by the strength of their feeling toward their spouse. Further study has concluded that the Honi phenomenon does not reliably exist as first thought, but may be explained as sex difference influencing perception, with women interpreting a larger reading as a more meaningful or valuable perception of things than men’s. When used for special effects, the viewers will not see that an Ames room is being used. However, a few times an Ames room has also been shown explicitly.