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Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph 2. Oracle Big Data Connectors 4. Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 3. Oracle Loader for Hadoop 3.

Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop 2. Oracle XQuery for Hadoop 4. Oracle Data Source for Apache Hadoop 1. Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders 1. Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler 17. This will download the latest content to the VM – including patches and new samples. Quick introduction to HDFS, Pig and Hive.

This series features both OBEs and recorded webcasts. Database Option, provides powerful data mining algorithms that enable data analytsts to discover insights, make predictions and leverage their Oracle data and investment. Algorithms are implemented as SQL functions and leverage the strengths of the Oracle Database. Oracle Advanced Analytics SQL data mining functions take full advantage of database parallelism for model build and model apply and honor all data and user privileges and security schemes. Predictive models can be included in SQL queries, BI dashboards and embedded in real-time applications. Oracle Data Miner work flows capture and document the user’s analytical methodology and can be saved and shared with others to automate analytical methodologies. SQL scripts for model automation, scheduling and deployment throughout the enterprise.

Oracle Data Miner creates predictive models that application developers can integrate into applications to automate the discovery and distribution of new business intelligence-predictions, patterns and discoveries—throughout the enterprise. Oracle’s Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics 12. What are fundamental stages of Data Warehousing? What is the difference between OLTP and OLAP? Foreign keys of facts tables are primary keys of Dimension tables.