Solid and hollowbody electric bass guitars. Lakland basses are manufactured in the United States and Indonesia. Lakland basses went into production in the P bass pickup template pdf States in 1995. In 1996, the company became a unit of A.

Lakin’s grandfather Abraham Lakin in 1919. In 2001, Lakland introduced the Skyline Series, a lower-priced alternative to its U. Production of Skyline Series basses was moved to Indonesia in 2008. Hanson, a maker of electric guitars and electric guitar and bass pickups and electronics, had been Lakland’s primary supplier of bass pickups and preamp products since 2005. Lakland was renamed Lakland Guitars LLC and while the Lakland brand name remains, signature model names—such as the Bob Glaub, Duck Dunn and Joe Osborn basses—were given numeric designations. Lakland executive John Pirruccello was named president.

Owners of Lakland basses and others interested in the Lakland company and its products formed The Lakland Owners Group. It is not affiliated with Lakland Guitars, LLC. Pickups were supplied by Bartolini and the bass featured Lakland’s characteristic oval bridge plate. Lakland currently manufactures a U. Series”, and a lower-priced Indonesian-made line called the “Skyline Series”. Lakin conceived of a signature model bass in 1997.

The Lakland Hollowbody is a dual-pickup, hollow-body electric bass guitar designed in conjunction with luthier Michael Tobias. Current models are equipped with two of Lakland’s Chi-Sonic pickups. The body of the bass is completely hollow with no supporting center block. The Lakland Decade is a dual-pickup, solid-body electric bass guitar released in 2004 to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. Series Decade is available in a variety of configurations. Series basses are manufactured by Lakland in the United States. Lakland introduced its lower-priced Skyline Series of basses in 2001.