Illustration of the interaction of the various computer-aided technologies. This page was last edited on 27 August 2017, at 07:03. We conducted a computer-aided socio-technical analysis on national and regional energy systems. Existing developed models were simultaneously utilized for characterizing the pdf case computer aided system engineering solutions of energy systems with the available technology roadmaps.

At the same time, we analysed consumers’ preferences about the electricity supply through preference surveys in whole Japan and a remote island Tanegashima. As socio-technical analysis, the basic information on the performance and behaviour of energy systems and consumers’ preferences were interpreted based on the results of energy-system simulation and willingness to pay calculated by the survey results. The solutions for the design of national and regional energy systems were generated through the consideration of local availability of renewable resources. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. It was later adopted by the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other industries. Company chose CATIA V2 as its main 3D CAD tool, becoming its largest customer.

Corp chose CATIA as its main 3D CAD tool to design the U. Also, Lockheed was selling its CADAM system worldwide through the channel of IBM since 1978. CATIA CADAM V4 was published. 1B in additional costs due to years of project delays in production of the Airbus A380. In 2008, Dassault Systèmes released CATIA V6. AIX, client support for any operating system other than Microsoft Windows was dropped. In November 2010, Dassault Systèmes launched CATIA V6R2011x, the latest release of its PLM2.