Higher IL-10 concentration is observed in patients with CSF involvement by lymphoma cells. Detectable IL-10 in CSF at the end pfs eyes of the ten pdf treatment is associated with a shorter progression-free survival.

IL-10 and IL-6 concentrations were measured in 79 patients with PCNSL at diagnosis and in 40 control individuals. Fifty-four PCNSL patients underwent repeat assessments starting at diagnosis. The IL-10 concentration distinguished PCNSL from other neurologic diseases with a sensitivity of 88. The pre-therapeutic IL-10 concentration had no prognostic impact on outcome. The IL-10 concentration decreased after treatment for most patients tested.

Our study confirmed that IL-10 is a useful biomarker for the diagnosis of PCNSL. We highlight new findings showing that the IL-10 level in the CSF could be used as a surrogate marker for CSF involvement and that the post-treatment IL-10 concentration could complement standard MRI for therapeutic response assessment in PCNSL. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. These authors have equally contributed to the work. Do object-category selective regions in the ventral visual stream represent perceived distance information? It is well established that scenes and objects elicit a highly selective response in specific brain regions in the ventral visual cortex.