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Humbert Humbert—is obsessed with the 12-year-old Dolores Haze, with whom he becomes sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather. Lolita” is his private nickname for Dolores. Later it was translated into Russian by Nabokov himself and published in New York City in 1967 by Phaedra Publishers. 2002 collection of the most celebrated books in history.

PhD, an editor of psychology books. European ethnicity who died recently in an American jail of heart failure while awaiting his murder trial. Humbert begins the memoir with his Parisian childhood and ends it with his incarceration. Thus, the story is told entirely from Humbert’s perspective.

Ray says he received the memoir from Humbert’s lawyer, C. Humbert used to refer to the teenage girl he was sexually obsessed with. Christmas Day while married to Richard Schiller, presumably the father of her child. Growing up in a wealthy family, Humbert meets his teenage sweetheart, Annabel Leigh, and they begin a romance but Annabel’s family moves away before the adolescent couple has the opportunity to have sex. He claims the cause of his fixation is the grief he experienced over Annabel’s death in his youth.