ABCpdf, pdf, portable document format, dynamic, generation, creation, COM, Visual Basic, VB, basic, ASP, . ABCpdf is perfect for PDF generation under VB, ASP and . This is just a summary of the extensive list of features supported by ABCpdf. If you are doing a product comparison why not rotate pdf page in onenote off this feature chart and use it as a ticklist for other products you’re evaluating?

We guarantee it will be a revealing experience! Feature available in both Standard and Professional Editions. Feature available in Professional Edition only. Note that some features are only available via the . Until version 6, there were two products – ABCpdf ASP and ABCpdf .

Although functionally similar, architecturally they were fundamentally different. At version 7 ABCpdf ASP was discontinued and in its place an identical COM interface was layered over ABCpdf . NET to provide backward compatibility with ABCpdf ASP. Native 64 Bit Support for . ABCpdf is constantly being updated to support newer versions of the PDF specification. You won’t be left behind with ABCpdf.

Some of these operations are very similar. For example an Append and a Merge operation are essentially the same In the documentation we refer only to the Append method. All these operations are easy using ABCpdf but the precise method you use to accomplish them may vary depending on what you are trying to achieve. ABCpdf supports an extremely wide range of text formatting options from simple options like bold or italic synthesized typefaces to advanced features like text rise and tracking. We keep these easy to use via HTML Styled Text which allows you to specify your styles simply and easily using HTML style coding. ABCpdf allows you to import an unparalleled range of raster image formats.

Most importantly it allows you to import them properly color corrected in their native color spaces. Very few other PDF libraries allow either of these functions and none will allow you the same flexibility of import options. ABCpdf allows you to import highly complex formats like vector EPS and XPS. Most importantly it does things properly ensuring that the vector representation is preserved when the source document is converted. ABCpdf gives you simple one-line methods for common graphics operations.