A beginner’s tutorial containing complete knowledge of LTE. Utilities, Exceptions Handling, Sockets, GUI, Extensions, XML, Programming. 3G packet core network sae and the evolved packet core pdf. The term LTE is typically used to represent both LTE and SAE.

First version of LTE was documented in Release 8 of the 3GPP specifications. The main goal of LTE is to provide a high data rate, low latency and packet optimized radioaccess technology supporting flexible bandwidth deployments. Same time its network architecture has been designed with the goal to support packet-switched traffic with seamless mobility and great quality of service. LTE is the successor technology not only of UMTS but also of CDMA 2000. LTE is important because it will bring up to 50 times performance improvement and much better spectral efficiency to cellular networks.

LTE introduced to get higher data rates, 300Mbps peak downlink and 75 Mbps peak uplink. In a 20MHz carrier, data rates beyond 300Mbps can be achieved under very good signal conditions. In FDD uplink and downlink transmission used different frequency, while in TDD both uplink and downlink use the same carrier and are separated in Time. LTE supports flexible carrier bandwidths, from 1. 4 MHz up to 20 MHz as well as both FDD and TDD. LTE designed with a scalable carrier bandwidth from 1.