Grandiose narcissistic individuals self esteem and names pdf another’s immediate and undivided attention, and are oblivious to the effect their direct demands of entitlement have on others. The person has grandiose fantasies. The person overexamines and downgrades other people, projects, statements, or dreams in an unrealistic manner.

In mania grandiosity is typically more pro-active and aggressive than in narcissism. They may also begin unrealistically ambitious undertakings, before being cut down, or cutting themselves back down, to size. Some individuals may transition between these two states, with grandiose ideas initially developing as “daydreams” that the patient recognises as untrue, but which can subsequently turn into full delusions that the patient becomes convinced reflect reality. Kohut’s recommendations for dealing with the patient with a disordered grandiose self were to tolerate and so re-integrate the grandiosity with the realistic self.

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