PANASONIC TH-42PX75U SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Panasonic TH-42PX75U service starting out with c++ 7th pdf online. TH-42PX75U Plasma TV pdf manual download.

Mini DIN 4-pin Y: 1. 2007 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. MTNC070202CE B34 Canada: B07 High Definition Plasma Television GP10DHU Chassis Specifications Power Source AC 120 V, 60 Hz Power Consumption Maximum 387 W Standby condition 0. Schematic Diagram 15 Schematic and Block Diagram 15. TH-42PX75U 2 Safety Precautions 2.

When servicing, observe the original lead dress. If a short circuit is found, replace all parts which have been overheated or damaged by the short circuit. After servicing, see to it that all the protective devices such as insulation barriers, insulation papers shields are properly installed. In the information below, Pb will refer to Lead solder, and PbF will refer to Lead Free Solder. TH-42PX75U Plasma panel replacement method 6.

Remove the rear cover 6. Remove the Tuner unit 1. Unlock the cable clampers to free the cable. SD-Board and remove the bridge 3. SS53A, SS54A, SS55A and 2. Remove the speaker L, R 6. TH-42PX75U 7 Caution statement 7.

Caution: Please confirm that all flexible cables are assembled correctly. Also make sure that they are locked in the connectors. Verify by giving the flexible cables a very slight pull. TH-42PX75U 8 Location of Lead Wiring 8.

TH-42PX75U 9 Self-check Function Use the self-check function to test the unit. Checking the IIC bus lines 2. Power LED Blinking timing 9. Check of the IIC bus lines 9. Power LED Blinking timing chart 1. Subject Information of LED Flashing timing chart.

Contents When an abnormality has occurred the unit, the protection circuit operates and reset to the stand by mode. At this time, the defective block can be identified by the number of blinks of the Power LED on the front panel of the unit. No Power First check point There are following 2 states of No Power indication by power LED. Red is lit then turns red blinking a few seconds later. Local screen failure Plasma display may have local area failure on the screen.