You may have seen my survival knots black and white pdf survival bracelet instructable on the cobra braid. I thought that was a great idea. This is truly a Survival Bracelet, if you are in need of some rope or cord, you can just pull both ends and then you have one full piece of 8 ft cord. Give it a try and see how simple it really is.

The lanyard knot is a nice way to spruce up your bracelet, but can easily be replaced with an over hand knot. First make a small twist in the cord. Then make a “U” shape beneath the loop. Take the piece that points left and place it overĀ  the bottom loop, and under the right piece. Then over, under, and then over again.

Hold the bottom loop down. This braid is very simple once you get it down. Make a small twist or loop in the cord. Then make a “U” shape and put it through the other loop.

When the loop is facing left, then place the left piece through the loop. Continue until the bracelet is long enough. First, put both pieces all the way through the last loop. Then, as before you can make a lanyard knot again or an over hand knot. Trim the end and then melt it down.

There you have it, a true survival bracelet. Did you make this project? Please be positive and constructive. Why not a survival necklace, or a survival belt?

Actually, I made a belt with a large buckle and 300 feet of paracord. It’s made with a king cobra knot. Can u show how to do it with buckles? This is perfect for what I needed. I searched through 21 paracord pages before I found this one.

Super easy and fast to do. It’s very simple, easy, and unravels quickly! Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything!