The intersection of West Grand Boulevard at 12th Street in 2008, forty one years after the riot. The result was 43 dead, 1,189 injured, over 7,200 arrests, and more the algiers motel incident pdf 2,000 buildings destroyed. However, the entire city was affected between Sunday, July 23, and Thursday, July 27.

Cavanagh stated that the situation was “critical” but not yet “out of control. A number of adjoining communities also enacted curfews. July 23, 1967, Detroit police officers raided the unlicensed weekend drinking club in the office of the United Community League for Civic Action, above the Economy Printing Company, at 9125 12th Street. The police decided to arrest everyone present.

While they were arranging for transportation, a sizable crowd of onlookers gathered on the street. After the police left, the crowd began looting an adjacent clothing store. Shortly thereafter, full-scale looting began throughout the neighborhood. Michigan National Guard were alerted, but because it was Sunday, it took hours for the Police Commissioner Ray Girardin to assemble sufficient manpower. Meanwhile, witnesses described seeing a “carnival atmosphere” on 12th Street.

Police—inadequate in number and wrongly believing that the rioting would soon expire—just stood there and watched. Police did not make their first arrest until 7 a. To the east, on Chene Street, reports said the crowd was of mixed composition. The police conducted several sweeps along 12th Street, which proved ineffective because of the unexpectedly large numbers of people outside. The first major fire broke mid-afternoon in a grocery store at the corner of 12th Street and Atkinson.

The crowd prevented firefighters from extinguishing it, and soon more smoke filled the skyline. The local news media initially avoided reporting on the disturbance so as not to inspire copy-cat violence, but the rioting started to expand to other parts of the city, including looting of retail and grocery stores elsewhere. Fox, singing “Jimmy Mack,” and was asked to ask people to leave quietly, as there was trouble outside. Detroit resident who had grown up not far from 12th Street, drove to the riot area and stood on a car in the middle of the crowd while still in his baseball uniform. Despite Horton’s impassioned pleas, he could not calm the crowd. Wayne County Sheriff’s Department were called in to Detroit to assist an overwhelmed Detroit police force.