Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not the best and the brightest pdf robot. Kennedy’s administration, and the consequences of those policies in Vietnam.

1960 to 1965 but also covering earlier and later years up to the publication year of the book. The Democratic Party was still haunted by claims that it had “lost” China to the Communists, and it did not want to be said to have also lost Vietnam. Early studies called for close to one million U. Viet Cong, but it would have been impossible to convince Congress or the U. Declarations of war and excessive shows of force, including bombing too close to China or too many U. Chinese ground forces into the war, as well as greater Soviet involvement, which might repair the growing Sino-Soviet rift. The American military and generals were not prepared for protracted guerrilla warfare.

Any show of force by the U. South Vietnam and therefore cause the U. Most people believed that North Vietnam prized its industrial base so much it would not risk its destruction by U. After placing a few thousand Americans in harm’s way, it became politically easier to send hundreds of thousands over with the promise that, with enough numbers, they could protect themselves and that to abandon Vietnam now would mean the earlier investment in money and blood would be thrown away. The book shows that the gradual escalation initially allowed the Johnson Administration to avoid negative publicity and criticism from Congress and to avoid a direct war against the Chinese, but it also lessened the likelihood of either victory or withdrawal. Best and brightest, come away! Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine aid.