Physics of the future Kaku 2011. Bestseller List the future of the mind michio kaku pdf free download five weeks. Kaku contrasts Verne’s foresight against U.

1943 is alleged to have said “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. Kaku points to this long history of failed predictions against progress to underscore his notion “that it is very dangerous to bet against the future”. Kaku notes that the time periods are only rough approximations, but show the general time frame for the various trends in the book. Happy Birthday” with the Allied forces in 1945, stating that the chip contains much more power, and that “Hitler, Churchill, or Roosevelt might have killed to get that chip.

He predicts that computer power will increase to the point where computers, like electricity, paper, and water, “disappear into the fabric of our lives, and computer chips will be planted in the walls of buildings. United States ground forces automated by 2015. He endorses a “chip in robot brains to automatically shut them off if they have murderous thoughts”, and believes that the most likely scenario is one in which robots are free to wreak havoc and destruction, but are designed to desire benevolence. The idea of resurrecting an extinct species might now be biologically possible. American dream of wasteful energy consumption.