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Eduardo Canales Moya on 21 April 2007 with a modified Suzuki Samurai, setting the high-altitude record for a four-wheeled vehicle. It was once usable by 20-tonne mining trucks. The road is no longer usable. It is used by trucks and buses regularly. Above these elevations, there are no constantly flowing rivers since the temperature is almost always below freezing.

It is, however, covered by a thick layer of ice. Arctic Ocean, which is 6,351. Antarctica, at a distance of 6,357. California, in the United States. Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility is to land. Kiribati to the Asian side of the Date Line, causing Caroline Island to be the easternmost.

However, if the previous Date Line were followed, the easternmost point would be Tafahi Niuatoputapu, in the Tonga Islands chain. What’s the Farthest City and Country from Rosario, Argentina? What’s the Farthest City and Country from Liu’an, Anhui, China? What’s the Farthest City and Country from Cuenca, Ecuador? What’s the Farthest City and Country from Salamanca, Spain? What’s the Farthest City and Country from Marbella, Spain? This page was last edited on 6 February 2018, at 15:39.

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